Things to Try

Try the following simple steps to solve your technology issues:
  1. Is anyone else having the same problem? Maybe the problem is somewhere beyond your computer.
  2. Is everything plugged in? Could any of the cords have been pulled or disconnected? Push on each to be sure it's fully plugged in.
  3. Check the power source. Could a power strip be turned off or overloaded? Try plugging some other device in and see if it works.
  4. Cycle the power. Shut down and restart your computer. Turn off, then on, printers and other devices. When turning off, wait a few seconds before turning back on. For devices without an on/off switch, just unplug the power cord. But for your computer, always shut down properly before unplugging!
  5. If a problem with a wireless connection, check that wireless is enabled on your device. Laptops usually have a button or Fn key to enable/disable wireless.

Know other things to try? Add your comments and suggestions below.
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