Tech Equipment for Teachers

The following is the standard list of computer equipment provided by the district for teacher use.

Laptop Computer
A teacher will be provided a single laptop computer for instructional needs. This same computer can be used for preparation, presentation, grading, and other needs. Specifically, a laptop-style computer is required to provide mobility to move the computer between the teacher's desk, presentation area, and off-site use. To make this mobility more convenient, a teacher can be provided with separate power adapters for each work space, and a full-size keyboard, mouse, and monitor can be connected to the laptop for desk use.

As with all district staff, the district does not provide or support multiple computers for a single teacher due to the excessive cost of equipment, software, and support. If a teacher has specialized software needs, a technician can configure the computer as needed. If justified, a dual-boot configuration or virtualization can be used to provide multiple OS support on a single computer.

The standard operating system currently supported by the district is Microsoft Windows 7, or Windows XP on older computers. The currently supported office applications are Microsoft Office 2010 and Google Docs. (We have a district-wide license that provides Microsoft Windows and Office for all computers)

Data Projector or Flat-screen HD TV
Teachers are encouraged to use video and multimedia to enhance instruction. Depending on funding and equipment availability, the district will strive to provide each classroom with a large display for classroom presentation, such as a digital ("LCD") projector and projection screen, or a large HD television. The teacher's laptop computer can be connected to this for presentations.

Amplified Speakers
Video and multimedia require amplified sound for classroom presentations. Either amplified computer speakers can be connected directly to the laptop computer, or other amplified equipment such as TV speakers or a projector's built-in speaker can be used.

Document Camera
A document camera combined with a data projector provides a powerful replacement for the overhead projector. Depending on funding and equipment availability, the district will strive to provide each classroom with a document camera (Elmo, Ladybug, etc.)

Printer -- local or network
Printer access will be provided. Depending on the teacher's needs, funding, and equipment availability, this may be a network printer elsewhere on campus, or a local printer in the classroom.

Obsolete:  Overhead Projector, VCR, DVD player
While these still exist in some classrooms, the district does not plan to maintain or replace these. The document camera with projector replaces the overhead projector, and streaming video or the laptop DVD drive replace both the VCR and DVD player.

BYOD -- Bring Your Own Device
The district allows the use of personal equipment on our network as appropriate. You are welcome to connect your personal devices, such as a smart-phone, iPad / tablet, eReader, etc. to our wireless network for appropriate teaching-related activities. While our limited tech staff cannot support personal devices, we will provide self-service information on the help-desk website