Google Apps Self-Service Migration

Don't want to wait for your Google migration?
You can use the following procedures to migrate from Outlook to Google Apps Gmail.

Getting your Username and Password
You may have already received this. If not, contact the IT Department at the District Office.

You should use the Chrome browser for the following procedures, as otherwise some of the settings will not be available.
If you don't already have Chrome, install this from

The following procedure gets you logged into Gmail, and guides you through configuring our standard Gmail settings.
Many of these settings are a matter of preference. The following is the standard configuration used when your system is set up by the IT department. The general idea is to mimic Outlook to ease the transition.
  1. Log into the Gmail login page at:
  2. If this is your first login, accept the terms, etc.
  3. Click on the gear in the upper-right corner, and select Mail Settings
  4. In the first screen, the General tab, set:
    Maximum page size:  100
    Stars:  In use:  yellow, red, green, blue, red exclamation, green checkmark
    Desktop Notifications:  enable both
    Signature:  as desired
  5. Select the Labels tab, and set:
    Hide:  Starred, Important, Chat, All Mail
    Show:  Sent Mail, Drafts, Spam, Trash
  6. Select the Web Clips tab, and disable this.
  7. Select the Inbox tab, and disable both options.
  8. Select the Labs tab, and enable:
    • Google Calendar gadget
    • Google Docs previews in mail
    • Google Voice player in mail
    • Inserting images
    • Mark as Read Button
    • Unread message icon
  9. Save Changes
Adding your email to Gmail
The following procedure will configured Gmail to retrieve your email (if you have it), and will set this as your default email address when sending mail.
  1. Be sure you know your COE email password. This is the password you use to log into the CommuniGate Pro webmail.
    You can check this by logging in at:
    If you don't know this password, contact the IT Department at the District Office.
  2. In Gmail, click the gear in the upper-right corner, and select Mail Settings
  3. Select the Accounts tab, then under "Check mail using POP3" click "Add a POP3 mail account you own"
  4. Enter your full email address, and click Next Step.
  5. Enter your password for this account. Leave all else as is, and click Add Account.
  6. Leave selected "Yes, I want to ..." and click Next Step.
  7. Next Step ... Next Step ... Send Verification ... Close Window
  8. Click the Refresh button, and wait for the verification message to arrive.
  9. Open the verification message, and click the link to confirm your request.
If you use Windows, Google Desktop Apps gives you icons on your desktop for Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.
You can install this from the X: drive
My Computer  >  Install on server (X:)  >  Google Desktop Apps

The following procedure allows you to bring your existing contacts, calendar items, and email messages from Outlook into Gmail.
  1. If you have "Archive Folders" in Outlook, you can remove these to avoid migrating old messages.
    Start > Control Panel > Mail > Data Files > Archive Folders > Remove
  2. Install the Google Migration Tool from the X: drive
    My Computer  >  Install on server (X:)  >  Google Migration Tool
  3. When you reach the sign-in window, use your full address
         Google Migration Sign-in

  4. Select the profile Outlook and Migrate all data

  5. Leave the default settings, and press Migrate

  6. Wait for migration to complete. For a large Outlook configuration, this can take 10 hours or more.

If you prefer Outlook over Gmail, you can still use Outlook and have this sync with your Gmail account.
  1. Install the Google Outlook Sync from the X: drive
    My Computer  >  Install on server (X:)  >  Google Outlook Sync
  2. When finished installing, sign in with your full address:
        Google Sync Sign-in

  3. Leave all settings as is, and click Create Profile
  4. Open Outlook, and wait while your email is synchronized.
    If you have a lot of email, this can take 10 hours of more.