e-Waste Recycling Guidelines

Every school site has a location to deposit electronics for recycling. Contact your school custodian for assistance.

Asset Tagged Items Only
The IT department provides for recycling of "fixed asset" electronics (original value over $500) or any electronics with the white SVUSD asset tag.

Board Approval Required
School Board approval is required for the disposal of all equipment and supplies. The IT department will inventory these e-waste items, and present a list to the Board for approval.

Label All Items -- Why is this being disposed of?
Label the item if "dead", "malfunctioning", etc., as we need to inform the School Board as to why we are disposing of this.
Also, be sure to clearly label the item if it is still usable but just not needed, as another classroom may need this. If unlabeled, we assume it is not working and will dispose of it.
Also label any equipment that is simply being stored in the same room as the e-waste so that we don't dispose of it on accident.

Electronic Equipment Only!
No cardboard, paper, etc. -- Put these in the usual blue recycling bins.
No software, manuals, etc -- Put these in the blue recycling bins
  (CDs and DVDs can be recycled as #7 "hard plastic")
Small electronics items such as a keyboard, mouse, wires, etc., can also go in the blue recycling bins.

Accept Donations Only If Immediately Needed
Much of our e-waste is donated items that were not needed and ended up going straight to recycling. While the donor had good intentions and enjoys the tax write-off, this wastes the limited resources of our IT Department and School Board time to inventory, approve, and dispose of these. Accept donations only if there is an immediate need for these items, or if these are obviously useful. Otherwise direct the donor to take these directly to Grey Bears.

Contact the IT department if you have questions or are uncertain how an item can be recycled.
Contact your school custodian if you need assistance moving items to the e-waste location.